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The 3 part presentation below is a typical example of the type of wedding film that we produce from Cannes Wedding Photography & Filming.

Roula & Jaber’s absolutely stunning Côte d’Azur based Cannes Wedding Photography & Filming by Firehorse Photography, took place at a number of venues including; La Festival du Plage, La Colle sur Loup and Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and their wedding photography can be viewed by clicking any of the following links (though we’d suggest you start with Part 01!):

Roula & Jaber’s Wedding Part 01
Roula & Jaber’s Wedding Part 02
Roula & Jaber’s Wedding Part 03

When we first arrived, we spent some time carrying out a recce of all 3 days principal venues and locations and both photographed and filmed some background material at each.
On this particular trip, in addition to the latest digital equipment, we went a bit ‘old school’ and brought an old (1970’s) Super8 film camera and shot 2 rolls of film that ended up becoming the starting point for each of the 3 days productions.
A bit different, a bit fun, – it really showed up the difference just how good the current (digital) tech is, but it was great to get a little nostalgic contrast into the production!

Another recent wedding film from a wedding in France can be viewed by clicking this link.

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