Walking, standing, sitting, lightly directed, indoors, outdoors, far from the madding crowd…

Posing is a bit of a dirty word and this part of the day should never, ever be awkward and need not be.

This is when experience comes to the fore…













Canadian Wedding France

Ah, Canadian’s, – like a cross between a Brit and an American! What does that mean? Well us Brits tend to be a little more reserved than our American cousins and the Canadians I find are somewhere in between.

Two little know ‘Canadian facts’…

The first little known (unless you are a Canadian) is that they like to eat their main evening meal early. So do us Brits (though we are getting later and more like our EU neighbours) but the Canadians want to eat so early it just confuses French caterers! The French are the opposite and eat ‘late’ with 9pm+ being the norm and I have been to French weddings in France where the meal does not start until after 10pm.

The second little known fact is I am almost Canadian. Yes really. My parents lived there until just before I was born and if it wasn’t for a family situation back in the UK, I would probably have been born there and have dual nationality. If I had been born there, I probably would not be typing this right now as I almost certainly would have had a different life and career path.

Back when I used to live in the UK, I can’t recall ever having a Canadian client. I guess the UK is not much of a destination for Canadian couples?! But since moving to France, quite a few of my clients have been and continue to be from Canada.

Two recent one’s have been;

Aine & Brian at Chateau Saint Martory. Aine (pronounced On Ya) is actually Irish but lives in Canada with Brian who is Canadian.

Jaclyn & David at Chateau de Gouderville. In this instance, Jaclyn is Canadian and the couple do live in Canada but David (Da Vide) is French.