The first of five galleries that give an overview of the type of images I provide to my clients.

There is some further info below the portfolio, but you might like to enjoy the pretty pictures first…

Where it all begins

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Prep, possibly my favourite part of the wedding day.

What is so special about it? Well first of all, it’s probably the most over-looked part of the day, but actually forms time-wise, around 20-25% of your day.

I have always made the effort to cover both bride and groom prep. OK, groom prep is not quite as interesting as bride prep, but that’s to be expected as there is generally less going on and it takes place over a shorter time period.

What do I specifically like about it? It’s mostly the light and type of softer, relaxed, sometimes intimate images it can provide. Yes there can be some nerves, even a few tears at times, but mostly it’s actually fun!

How do I approach the capture of it? Well this gallery showcases photography only but at around 70% of weddings I am also filming, but that makes very little difference. I always start quite ‘backed off’, – the last thing any bride (or groom) wants is a photographer/filmmaker immediately in your face! So I start quietly in the background focused on wider shots and detail images before gradually (over 2-3 hours) moving a bit tighter on the bride & groom. 

This part of the day’s coverage usually ends with a short, lightly directed portrait session. Individually of course. This gallery only has a tiny snapshot of my portfolio, but should give you a good overview of what is possible.

The next chapter in the wedding day and my portfolio, is CEREMONY which can be accessed by clicking on this link.