The fourth of five galleries that give an overview of the type of images I provide to my clients.

There is some further info below the portfolio, but you might like to enjoy the pretty pictures first…

Zero fromage

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The Bride & Groom only photo-session, – the part of the day all couples look forward to most…

Posing relentlessly. Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Feel awkward for at least an hour. Consider binning it after less than 5 minutes and going back to the party…

Err…no. Well maybe at some weddings with another photographer, but my clients never receive or suffer any of the above. Ever.

It’s natural for couples to feel slightly nervous about this kind of thing, especially if you have experienced it at a friends or family members wedding, but if you’d wanted that experience, you wouldn’t be considering me now, but Cheddar Pictures.

I hate having my photograph taken. Really detest it. Our own wedding photographer was terrible…but then it was a few years back and we did not research things properly. We also went too cheap…but that is another story. When I set up my business, one of my principal aims was to provide the totally opposite service.

In a nutshell, there are a couple of ways we can turn this whole part of the day on it’s head and capture something natural, albeit a slightly stylised version of natural. Relaxed definitely and in typically 15-30 minutes absolute max, usually split over 2 shorter sessions, one at the end of drinks whilst guests are sitting and an even shorter close to sunset. It’s your call. Having a bit of a practice the day prior also makes a huge difference to what is possible on the wedding day as it allows a dry run that cannot be done on the wedding day itself.

The pics in the portfolio gallery above are just a snapshot but will give a good idea of what happens at each and every typical wedding I cover.

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