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Best Wedding Photographer France

There is no such thing. Nope and can’t be. For the simple reason of style. There are too many extremes of style for there to be so and as with any ‘popularity contest’ the winner is not necessarily the best.

Back when I used to live in the UK, there was a photographer who trumpeted on their website, that they were one of the ‘Top 3 Wedding Photographers In The UK’. Wow, what an accolade, – sounds impressive. Dig below a very shallow surface and the truth was revealed… Voted into 3rd place out of a field of 3 entrants, by their own clients/family/friends/anyone that could be persuaded to vote, in some regional town wedding magazine. Stretching it or fantasy?

Then there was the ‘star photographer’ where I used to live. Every venue raved about this guy. Every planner raved about this guy. Every client moaned about this guy. When you asked any venue or planner though why, the answer was never about their work but ‘just because he is’. A bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes or modern art, no one wants to admit it’s actually a bit crap.

And there are are so called ‘Wedding Awards’ and qualifications… There are no qualifications in regard to being a wedding photographer. None. None that are officially sanctioned on a national level and most of the so-called ‘qualifications’ are simply an annual paid subscription to a group that set themselves up. Well I pay an annual subscription to a breakdown company but does that make me a qualified motor mechanic?! And the ‘awards’… Mostly popularity contests and having been a former print/photography judge myself for various groups and organisations, report that all is not what it seems.

So I am proudly not an award winning photographer.

I am a qualified photographer, but a BA Honours Degree qualified ‘Mixed Media’ degree qualified photographer specialising in photography and design, but NOT a qualified wedding photographer as such a thing does not exist!

And to conclude, best wedding photographer in France? I think I am one of them… I think I have earned that status, ie, to be one of several based on sheer experience and quality of work, but does a single one exist? Nope.