Beer, bow ties, YouTube videos how to tie a bow tie, regular ties, no ties at all, champagne, vodka (shots), beer, suits, shoes, nervous pacing, aimless pacing, try standing still for at least one second so I can get a focus lock on you, Aston Martin (nothing less), buttonholes, does anyone have an iron? wedding rings, Nintendo Switch, gifts from her (hope it’s a watch), beer, OK ready let’s do this.












France Wedding Photographer

I shot my first wedding in France in 2010. Then a couple more in 2011. I thought maybe it might be the start of something for me, but it wasn’t quite…

I had been photographing weddings all over the world prior and really enjoyed them. More so than my UK weddings. Not that my UK weddings were not enjoyable but when you had the choice of your 31st wedding at Venue X or a Tuscan Vineyard wedding in Italy…??!!

But just because I had 2 or 3 weddings in France in my portfolio did not make me a France wedding photographer. I’d have to work a lot harder at it and bring the work to me.

Exactly how I did that, quite a few photographers would like to know and without giving too much away, it was mostly just sheer graft and making connections.

At the time of writing, end of 2019, start of 2020, I can truly call myself a France Wedding Photographer for the following reasons:

A: I live here full-time and have done so for over 3 years.

B: I have photographed and filmed over 100 weddings now in France.

Some of the more recent of these can be seen by clicking on the following link, STORIES

Top 3 venues I have not yet worked at but would like to?

Chateau Lartigolle. Why? Because it looks great and is quite local but I have never been there.

Chateau de la Ligne. Why? Because I shot a band promo video there last year and it looked like a great venue for a wedding.

Le Domaine d’Essendiéras. Why? Because just take a look at it, – gorgeous!