Becky & James.

Where do I start…?

There are weddings that on paper don’t always end up being quite what they promised.

Sometimes there are weddings that seem to offer less but end up offering more.

Then there are weddings that you know are just going to deliver. In spades. Come rain or shine. Because of the people.

This was one of those.

The day prior however, it wasn’t looking so rosy and maybe the ceremony would have been shifted even if I had not been there. Or would it…?

Whatever the answer to that last question, it was shifted from the flower meadow to the wet weather option even though the forecast was for hot hot hot.

And it was for that exact last reason it was moved. 50% of the ceremony/guests would have been in deep shade and the other 50% (and the bride), in blazing sunshine.

Terrible for guest comfort. Terrible for photography, but one of the advantages of being part of the core wedding planning team and being at the rehearsal gives the opportunity to put your hand up and say, “if you don’t mind me saying…”

And the rest as they say is history. What would have been a fantastic place for a ceremony…at another time of day or year, happened in just about the best location a photographer could desire, – the results speak for themselves.

Photography is about; time, opportunity, subject, composition, moment, colour, contrast…any number of factors but without a certain quantity, but more importantly quality of light, the result can be underwhelming.

Four words: Best Ceremony Light Ever.

And of course it was not just the ceremony or the quality of the light but the entire event from the ‘white’ pre-event crepes party the day prior, the venue itself (and hosts and their very first wedding at Peuchaud!) the bridal prep in light that would freak some out (but suited my style perfectly), the drinks, the couple shoot, the meal…oh the meal/speeches set up…

My inspiration comes from 3 M’s, – movies, magazines and masters.

Movies = especially cinematography and lighting.

Magazines = especially advertising and editorials.

Masters = artists of yore, particularly those that worked in a Chiarioscuro and in a Contre-jour style.

The meal/speeches offered both which is incredibly rare.

Enough waffle, it’s the pictures and productions that tell the story.

Above, the wedding day slideshow production.

Below, the day prior short.

Below that, a series of highlight pics and if you were a guest, here’s a link to the full gallery including international print ordering facility.

Oh and it would be remiss of me to not mention Amy Francis and Chez Amis Catering. Thanks as always Amy!