There was more than a bit of deja vu. Just 7 days ago, I was at the same venue, Chateau de Lisse. Shooting a same sex wedding. Sometimes coincidences just happen like that. But of course, despite being the same venue, a totally different wedding and experience.

Last week, it was Norway that came to South West France. This weekend it was the USA and India and utterly contrasting weddings yet with some similarities. This post however is all about Anant & Chris and their wedding day!

Actually, I must mention the weather from both weeks. Last weekend the forecast was for rain and a thunderstorm, but it ended up being dry and quite sunny at times, just not very warm. This weekend, the forecast had been predicting Summer but it was anything but and so Anant & Chris’s planned outdoor wedding went indoors.

Most of my clients are having what it is called a ‘destination wedding’ and Anant & Chris’s France Rainbow Wedding (rainbow references coming shortly) was just that and as such, based over a number of days of which I attended two.

Day 01 was meeting. I’d already met Chris and his mom plus Bertie their wedding planner from Matthew Oliver Weddings, when they came out to France for a visit earlier this year. We then had a practice photoshoot in and around the chateau making the most of the slightly better weather than that predicted for their actual wedding day. Then it was off to nearby Chateau Gensac…

I’ve never visited Chateau Gensac before but driven past it countless times over the last 20 years but finally had the opportunity with Anant & Chris’s wine tasting & tapas evening. It should have been outdoors and even could have been as the sun eventually came out in the late evening but it was a success regardless and the welcome was very warm by owner and host Jan.

And so to their wedding day itself. Indoors as already mentioned using the on-site chapel with amazing flowers by Veronique at Poesie d’un Jour. (Je t’enverrai des photos très bientôt, Véronique !) and ceremony conducted by Chris’s Uncle plus cellist for both the ceremony & drinks reception, Graham Brown.

Rose petal confetti followed with drinks outside on the terrace under glowering but mostly dry skies with fabulous canapes by The Impeccable Chef, Jean-Marc.

The meal & speeches took place in the formal dining room which a few years back, was always a challenge as it used to be dark wood paneling but was painted off-white and transformed and now works really well.

Finally, the ‘rave cave’ was set up for dancing, but determined to do at least something outdoors, the first dances took place in the evening converted horse box bar area and the girls put on a Bollywood style flash mob dance which went down a storm.

I didn’t mention the rainbow did I? The day prior, at our meeting, I’d suggested to Anant & Chris that post meal, but prior to first dance, if the opportunity allowed, we should do a few sunset ‘golden hour’ shots. It was mostly wishful thinking, but being positive etc… Well it happened. After a day of relentless grey (punctuated by the Indian colours) weather, right on cue, the sun burst through for approx 5 minutes. There were a few drops of rain and you can see those in the pics and the reward was not just those pics, but a fabulous rainbow.

Above, the slideshow production from Anant & Chris’s wedding. I would advise going full screen and turning up the volume! I sometimes get asked, “where do you get your music choices from?” From the clients day is the answer! They are usually songs that were; walked in to, walked out with, first dances, surprise flash mobs etc…

Below, a series of highlight pics and the full gallery with international print ordering facility can be viewed by clicking here.

Thanks for trusting me Anant & Chris. I hope I did you proud. I think I did…