Congratulations, champagne, cocktails, cold drinks, canapes, things on sticks, things on platters, sausages, ice creams, sweets/candy, laughter, big smiles, guitars, more accordion, la vie en rose, flashmob, selfies, group shots, polaroids, sunnies, sunscreen and a llama. Yes, a llama. I have no idea either, I just go with it…












American Wedding France

What is an American Wedding France?! Well, exactly what it sounds like, – an American couple getting married in France!

I like shooting weddings for American clients as they just tend to have something extra special about them. What that ‘extra’ is, is difficult to define but to coin a French phrase, a little je ne sais quoi…

My American couples also tend to have a little extra confidence which means they tend to have a more relaxed day.

The same can be said for the guests, or ‘American’s With Passports’ as we call them. (My wife is an American, – I can say these things!)

What do Americans do differently at weddings? Well, not that much really as most weddings, no matter where in the world tend to follow a similar pattern. That pattern is pretty much; get ready, have a ceremony, have some drinks & nibbles, eat, some people talk and then everyone dances. The single ‘difference’ that might stand out though is that most American couples do a ‘first look’ prior to the ceremony. You wan’t get Brits doing that!

Each year, out of the 25-30 weddings that I am booked to capture, I normally have around 5 American clients and a recent couple that stood out were Kiki & Avram.

Not only were they a special couple with a meticulous attention to detail, they had a teepee. Yes, an actual teepee. You can view their wedding by clicking here which took place at the fabulous ‘Wedding Village‘.