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Winding roads. Seemingly endless winding roads. That is my abiding memory of the Alpes-Maritimes wedding photography of Gemma & lee.

The winding roads AND fabulous time & memory I have of their wedding that is.

Most of the weddings I cover are adventures. Adventures because France has a land area almost 3x that of Britain. There is usually a fair bit of travel!

Adventure because something like 85% of the weddings I cover are at new venues.

There is always something special about that first visit. It’s not that repeat visits are not welcome, but you can never again get that ‘first time feel’.

And so it was with Gemma & Lee’s wedding at Domaine du Foulon, Gréolières approx 1 hour North of Nice.

I chose a hotel for my 3 night stay nearly 2 hours North of Nice. That proved to be a mixed bag.

Mixed because the scenery was spectacular. Mixed because it meant 80 minutes rarely getting out of second gear on relentless mountain switchbacks.

Ah…but it was all worth it. Adventure!

Domaine du Foulon has been owned by ex-pat Brits Nick & Mia (and their three dogs) for 12 years. It is a huge, 4 stories in parts, family home with I think 13 bedrooms?

Tucked away discreetly in a valley just below the charming village of Gréolières, it is surrounded by mountains & forest.

If you are looking for nightlife, you need to create your own.

It’s rare I don’t do these 1/2 day prior visits as they add so much value to the whole ‘wedding photography experience’.

I rarely have the opportunity to meet couples prior to their weddings other than the day prior.

This 1/2 day prior allows for that, – a chance to get to know one another better, have a proper recce, pre-shoot and relaxed documentary coverage of whatever is going on.

Come the wedding day, we all know each other and I can slip seamlessly into the background of the event.

Part 02, Gemma & Lee’s actual wedding day can be viewed by clicking here.


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