I love these ‘one off’ weddings and Aliz & Mike’s will probably remain one.

Why? And what do I mean?

Well when your aunt and uncle just happen to own a chateau that is not a wedding venue…!

There was really only one ‘negative’ with this day and that was it was a bit of a grey day. At times, it threatened to brighten up but it never did and that left the light somewhat flat.

There are times with photography that flat light is welcome, but personally, I prefer a bit of contrast, – a bit of light & dark. But you get to work with what you get to work with. And that was pretty fantastic.

First of all, Amy F from Peaches & Cream who planned & organised this wedding.

Charlie TS & Jodie on musicals.

DJ Pierre (and BBQ king!).

Karen Lacaud caterer.

Florist: Maryflor.

Angie Pittman (hair).

But the real stars of the show, – Aliz & Mike, plus their friends & family. Despite Chateau la Fayolle being a stunning family home and ‘one off’ wedding venue, it’s the combination of people that make weddings special and memorable. And this one was certainly both.

Above is a slideshow production from the event. Below, a series of highlight pics. If you were a guest, click here for full gallery with international print ordering facility.