Alexis & Michael – Chateau Sentout Wedding



You will probably have no idea what it means to actually be back at work after just 1 wedding attended in nearly 23 months thanks to ‘you know what’.

The financial aspect has been tough…really tough, but what has hurt the most has been the lack of creativity.

And having to go through 50+ weddings either postponing or cancelling outright.

But enough of that negative stuff, – this was the first of 4 weddings that remain for what is the 2021 wedding season in France.

And what a wedding…

I am typically booked for two things:

A: multi-day coverage (in this case 3) and

B: hybrid coverage (ie, photo AND video).

Alexis & Michael’s wedding planned by Nicole T from Pure Expressions Events covered off all those bases with;

Day 01 = Welcome BBQ at Chateau Sentout, not so far from Bordeaux.

Day 02 = A full day wine tasting at a vineyard close to St Emilion and then lunch/free time in St Emilion itself.

Day 03 = The wedding day itself at Chateau Sentout.

Below, A&M’s Wedding Film:

Right, let’s talk BBQ.

The first day of most destination weddings tends to be a very relaxed informal affair.

The core of family and bridal party tend to already be there, but throughout the afternoon, the rest of the guests arrive.

There’s drinks, there’s food, there’s a fun party atmosphere.

So it was for Alexis & Michael with the only real difference here between this and most weddings is that this was the day prior to the day prior…

Day 02 was a full day outing to a Grand Cru boutique wine producer just outside Saint Emilion.

I fell asleep on the bus. Both ways. This is normal for me with buses, trains and planes and cars (if a passenger).

After a tour of the facility it was onto what most came for, the actual tasting and it must have been good because a lot of purchases were made.

It was good full stop, but my budget doesn’t quite stretch to Grand Cru wines and I’m more of a gin man anyway.

Then it was onto and into Saint Emilion itself, the ‘wine capital’ of the region and a stunning place to visit.

Here’s a short film that covers these two days prior to the main event:

Day 03, the actual wedding day itself.

Nothing ‘overly fancy’ but more a simple close family & friends affair.

No bridesmaids, no best man or groomsmen, a ceremony conducted by a friend, good food and just a relaxed, sophisticated yet not complicated day which complemented Alexis & Michael’s style.

These are the days and weddings and clients I live for, the days when I don’t wish or want to leave.

Thanks to A&M, your family and friends for the warmest of welcomes and letting me into the heart of your wedding in France.

I hope…and think, I did it justice!

If you were a guest and have been given the password to the full gallery, you can access that by clicking here.

Credit where credit is due…

FLORIST: Atelier Septembre
Hair & Make-up: MC Hair & Make-up
Caterer: Laeco Traiteur
DJ: Muchas Matthias