Firehorse Photography France

Finally, the day arrived!

I had been looking forward to this one for some time having met both Becky & Chris plus Becky’s parents earlier this year.

And being just down the road literally (well 40 minutes), it beats 6 hours each way in the car!

The forecast however looked grim… Rain all afternoon. Unceasing rain without respite.

The day did start out very gloomy indeed. I was greeted in the temporary car park opposite Becky’s parents by a very large German Shepherd and instinctively thought he was a security dog.

I then thought, “why would you need a security dog in the rural French countryside?” and then, “why is he soft as a brush?”

It turned out no one knew where this dog came from and he later joined the party for the duration of the drinks reception, quietly hoovering up crumbs or lying down at guests feet!

Anyway, I digress, ‘The Wedding Dog’ as I called him was not the main event…

After covering the start of the Groomsmen’s Brunch at a nearby house, it was off to the local church of Poo Dragon. Sorry, Pouydraguin.

It was gloriously sunny when the boys and guests arrived, but by the time Becky did, the rain was falling.

It didn’t last though and by the time the ceremony ended, conducted by a family friend, the sun was out and sticking two fingers up at the weather gods like an English archer at the battle of Agincourt, stayed out. All afternoon. More or less, – there were a couple of drops…

But then it absolutely lashed it down as everyone arrived in the marquee for the meal & speeches.

Post meal, it was into the barn for the dancing. There was some superb design going on in there plus throughout the whole wedding day as you’d expect from a talented interior designer.

Above is a slideshow production from Becky & Chris’s Gers marquee wedding with a selection of highlights below.

Full gallery including international print ordering facility available by clicking here.